k a r m a c o m a (dancing_avenger) wrote,
k a r m a c o m a

stupider than stupid

taken from codestothestars. first line from first entry of each month. i am obviously a freak who's in love with everyone.

JANUARY - i am so bored.
FEBRUARY - I think I have a RUSH RUSH addiction... it's all I can listen to lately.
MARCH - this will be a very screwed up ignorable entry...
APRIL - just finished watching the movie Crash.
MAY - I had the hottest dream where Eddie Cahill and I were walking towards my uncle's house (a mansion in the dream, not in real life!), and it was raining really hard so he held me extremely close to him and tried to cover me up.
JUNE - i'm really bitter today.
JULY - i'm so lonelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
AUGUST - okay, i feel all tender and silly and omg... something has definetly come over me.
SEPTEMBER - wow. i just finished watching The World is Not Enough (TWINE, lol), and i am surprised how good it is.
OCTOBER - I want you the right way
NOVEMBER - i seem to have stopped giving a shit about livejournal.
DECEMBER - okay so i found one of my long lost friends on facebook.

i love dave. sighhhh.
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