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Friends Only

please comment to be added!

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aaaaadd meeee. you know you want to. although ... you might not know who i am. so i will give you a hint. 3rd floor, benches in the corner, lunchtime fun, uncle breadwich ... um ... yeah, i can't think of anything else right now. but you should most definitely add me, because i kick ass.
woah... it's you!!!! how are you emily?!! i see you've found my loverly little livejournal
oh so added.
lol i totally pulled a CSI. laura (habodes, btw) said that she'd seen your LJ somewhere, but didn't realise it was you until later, and didn't remember your username. so i searched 'eddie cahill' in interests, found a username with 'dance' in it that just happened to belong to 'leah', and BAM. i win.

and YAY I'M SO GLAD YOU LOVE CSI! seriously. i'm still completely obsessed.


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Hola, CSI: NY/ Eddie Cahill lover! I love them too! Friends? That would be sweet. LoL. I'm a bit psycho, but what Eddie Cahill+ haircut= HOT!!!
Nice to meet you.
Yayyy, another Eddie loverrr!
I'm a bit psycho myself. Added.
hi, i would love to be added because i adore your emma peel layout and iam a huge fan of diana rigg and the avengers so i think we could be friends!
i would love to be friends with anyone who is a fan of the avengers! added.

The Magic


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I would like to be a friend of the dashing Leah!

lol. I will certainly add you!


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Awsome! You're a big CSI fan too! Who are your favorite characters from each CSI that you watch? Well nice to meet you! ^-^ Friends?
I'm sorry it took me so long to reply... I just now noticed your comment!
Absolutely added!
I am a huge fan of Sara, but I really adore all the characters from the original.
as for CSI:NY, i am EXTREMELY partial to Flack!
It's all right. Thank you! ^-^ I'm the same with the CSI: cast too. My favorites are Warrick, Nick and Greg, but I love them all.

You too? I LOVE Flack and Danny! They are my favorites from CSI: NY, but everyone is realy cool.
YAY. Fellow Sara/JORJA obsessor/ CSI FAN.


par-tay chicklette ;)
Okay. So we're in a bunch of the same Madonna(!!!) communities so I was wondering if I can add you?
yes for sure i'll add you!

Deleted comment

yes haha. sorry it took so long to answer! and thanks a lot
an Avengers and C.S.I. fan sweet :) may i be added?
sure thing. i don't post too many entries of late but i'll add you anyways.
awesome thanks :D
oh and you love house too.... BONUS!
boy do i ever love house ;)